send payment links from your mobile in seconds

the easiest way to collect online payments, send a link through social media, SMS, email or any chat app

how it works


generate a link for a specific amount, a predefined product or event ticket


send the links through SMS, email or social media directly from your app


instantly get notified when a payment is made with full client and payment details

sign up in minutes

only a valid trade license, identification and bank account is needed to open an account. download the app and start today.

additional features

diverse options

clients dont need an app to pay, they use debit or credit cards, Apple Pay and more

multiple terminals

authorize your team to send links with unlimited terminals and multiple access levels

easy overview

track all transactions from payment to payout, view client details and stay notified

generate payment links with an API

create bulk payment links or use the API to generate them at scale and automate your sales. Free integration with Zoho Books and Xero is also available

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