pay us when you get paid

whether you're using payment links, online payment gateway, events or otherwise, we only make money when you do.

transparent pricing

local cards:


+1 AED per transaction
international cards:


+1 AED per transaction

payout fee


no hidden fees

  • no setup fees
  • no monthly fees
  • pay as you grow

processing over AED 100,000 per month?  get in touch  for special rates

how much do you expect to process per month?


you will pay


+1 AED per transaction

expecting more than 100,000 AED per month? get in touch with sales

already have online payment?

get in touch with a Paymennt consultant today, a few minute chat will get you a better service and maybe a better rate.

choose when to get paid

freedom to set your own payout schedule, including auto payouts with a minimum trigger. payout fee is just AED 7 regardless of amount

payout schedule: monthly
up to twice per week

choose minimum transfer amount
Payout schedule: weekly
choose day of the week

choose minimum transfer amount


yes, Paymennt can only onboard licensed companies. currently we are only accepting UAE registered businesses.
Each transaction is subject to a 7 day hold period before amounts are available for payout.
yes! you can accept payments from 171 countries in the world. If your volume is mostly international however, additional charges might apply (we will inform you in advance) since its more expensive for us to process
keep in mind with online payment there is always a hold period before funds can be paid out. there is a 7 day hold period after which funds are available for payouts according to your payout settings.
we charge a 7 AED payout fee when the money is transferred to your account. this charged is fixed and is regardless of the amount transferred, and you control when and how much is being sent.
We are currently only onboarding UAE registered trade license, with other countries coming soon.
most accounts are activated within few hours once all requirements are met.
yes they are. if you are expecting more than AED 100,000 in monthly sales get in touch with our sales team

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