frequently asked questions

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about Paymennt

how do i sign up?

download the app here and fill out your details. once approved by our compliance team, you will receive the contract to sign in order to activate your new account.

what are the registrations requirements?

you must be a registered business with a valid trade license or commercial registration. we will also ask for a valid and current government issued id of the company signatory. you must also provide government issued ids of all other owners. for fund transfers, you must have a local bank account.

what are the transaction fees?

Paymennt charges start at a competitive 2.6% + 1 AED per transaction for local cards and 3.1% + 1 AED for international cards. We also offer volume discount for businesses processing over AED 100,000 per month. There are no monthly or setup fees.

do I need to be a registered business?

yes, our services are only available for registered businesses.

are there any signup or monthly fees?

no. you only pay when your customers pay. there are no monthly or minimum charges.

are the prices fixed?

yes. if you are expecting more than AED 100,000 in monthly sales, get in touch with our sales team

how do I get paid?

we can only transfer funds to a local bank account. you can opt in for manual or automatic transfers. we transfer funds twice per week. you can decide how often you require your money to be transferred.

which countries does Paymennt operate in?

currently Paymennt is available for UAE registered companies only, however payments could be from any country with a valid Visa and MasterCard.

how long does it take to setup my account?

if all requirements are met, you could be live in 24 hours.

can I send the link through email or Whatsapp?

yes, the option is available in the app.

what are the requirements to be setup?

valid trade license, valid identification of shareholders, and a business bank account.

are there any charges for payouts?

we charge AED 7 for payouts to customer accounts, and you have the flexibility when to get paid so as to control when this fee is charged

about Paymennt Shops

is there a limit on number of products?

no, you can add as many products as your business requires.

do I have to pay anything for setting up my Shop?

absolutely not! setting up the Shop is free with no monthly or setup fees. you only pay your Paymennt card transaction fee. if your business requires any of the many features available in our a Little Extra Plan, an additional low monthly fee is applicable of AED 49 per month, but its your choice.

can I use my own custom domain?

yes. publishing Paymennt stores to a custom domain is available in our Business Plan along with many other useful features for your online business.

is using the Paymennt Shops secure?

we have the same level of security across all our platforms, and we will never compromise on your security or the data of your clients. Paymennt is PCI DSS Level compliant for handling card and client data certified. all our transactions are also 3D secure enabled to protect you, and our fraud engine aims to capture suspicious transactions before they happen.

could I share my item links also for payment?

yes. each product and item has its own unique link which you can share with your customers to purchase.

do I need a Paymennt account to enable Shops?

Paymennt Shops are integrated into your Paymennt account. you must have an account with Paymennt first, which still has no signup or monthly fees.

what payment methods is available in the Shops?

Paymennt Shops support the same payment methods available to your Paymennt account. we currently support worldwide issued Visa and MasterCard as long as 3D secure is enabled on the card.

can I manage my Shop from the desktop?

not yet. we are working on supporting managing your online shop from the desktop dashboard soon.

how are shipping costs calculated?

you can control and define your own shipping rates based on your own cost. you can fine-tune shipping rates based on country and city with multiple rates available per shipping zone.

do you have cash on delivery enabled in Shops?

no. we only support online payment. we are helping you go cashless and remote, and making sure the client experience is optimized for it so you don't have to rely on cash.

are there any shipping services included?

not at this time. Once an order is places, you need to arrange with your own shipping partners to deliver the items.

how is VAT managed in my Shop?

you can control how VAT is calculated or added to your products, whether included or added to the final price. our shops will correctly calculate VAT and display it to the customer during checkout.

will I get notified when there is an order?

you will receive both an email and a push notification to your mobile device whenever a new order is placed on your online shop.

could I use Paymennt Shops with another payment gateway?

Paymennt Shops was built to simplify the life of our customers who are looking for a unified commerce experience. customers can only pay using the Paymennt service provided by Paymennt.